Crd Systems Oy - Finnish
System production

Over 20 years of strong background in ticket sales,
cash register systems and access control

CRD Systems Oy

the ticket product is a plastic card or a paper ticket. Information in a barcode or chip.

The checkout system also allows you to manage and create new ticket products. And do everything even remotely.

The various gates and locking system work seamlessly with our cash register system.

"It simply came to our notice then
the most flexible, fastest and most reliable. "


Contact comfortable CRD Systems developers who have been involved in ticketing, checkout and access control matters for about 20 years. The systems are developed to meet the customer's needs, completely customer-oriented. That is, things are also done when you start asking for and ordering them.


Our customers range from ski resorts to car washes, event parks, shipping companies and other operators who use tickets and wristbands, customer or membership cards in their business as a means of transportation and / or payment.

At the beginning of the 2000s, CRD Systems Oy made Finland’s first e-mail
ticketing systems and related access control equipment for various events.

2007 The ski resorts contacted the company as they would also need modern access control. The ski resorts had gates ready, but they had completely outdated ticketing solutions.

CRD Systems took up the challenge and developed the first total solution in which the cashier of the ski resort was able to activate the right to use the ticket and modern readers were integrated into the old gates, opening the gates to those who bought the ticket. Since then, it has also become possible to top up tickets, for example
for use in a downhill restaurant. CRD Systems solutions began to be used