Over 20 years of experience with ticket sales,
cash register systems and access control.


Our access control products include various gates and a locking system. Gates are available for all access control needs from banks and office buildings to industry and construction sites, from spas to amusement parks and stadiums.

The gates can be equipped with a versatile reader that reads all kinds of tags: screens for mobile devices, barcodes, RFID cards, wristbands.

All gates can be monitored with our access control system and the access gates work seamlessly with our cash register system.

You will receive cash register and card systems, various bracelets and flags and cards implemented with barcode and RFID technology and related systems for access control as well as various VIP and entertainment events.

We also supply card payment terminals that are essentially related to the cash register system.

Ticket products can be either plastic cards or paper tickets, with information stored in a barcode or chip.

With the checkout system, you can manage and create new ticket products, all of which can be done remotely.

Various electronic gates and locking systems work seamlessly with our checkout system.

"We are not the cheapest player in the market, but we are one of the most flexible, fast and reliable."

The cash register system, access control and ticket sales. These create a complete service package, for which we have the best offer.

Of course, each product can be used individually, but their competitive advantage lies in their synergy. These systems, developed by Finnish coders, are designed to meet customer needs. Customization for special requirements is also possible!


A form of information representation in which information is encoded in a machine-readable format.

In a plastic ticket product – smart card, customer card, membership card, gift card, prepaid card – the information can be on the card chip (microcircuit) and / or also as a bar code.

The plastic card in the barcode can contain information about the right of access – access from the gate – for example to festivals or the ski pass of the ski center and on the chip information about the benefits, products or value loaded on the card (festival money, etc.)

CRD Systems’ checkout system software can read products loaded on tickets and activate various
access rights such as lift tickets or even access to the campsite –
in addition. We also supply card payment terminals that are essentially related to the cash register system.

Our customers range from ski resorts to car washes, event parks, shipping companies and other operators who use tickets and wristbands, customer or membership cards in their business as a means of transportation and / or payment.


In Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia, ski resorts use CRD Systems’ total solutions, where the checkout system supports ticket sales and ski gates. In addition to the right of access, one ticket can be used to download, for example, products or value for use in slope restaurants.


You can charge an admission ticket for a hot dog and a soda or a token to use during the interval. The cash register system acknowledges the cost and value that has been spent. You can sell tickets and ticket products even in your online shop integrated with CRD Systems’ advanced POS system.


Enter the festival with a ticket at the gate and get a ticket with a rechargeable value to use in the beer tent! The festival currency loaded onto the ticket offers peace of mind and security for your customers too!


In addition to the right to enter, you can download value for the entrance ticket even in the form of ticket products sold in your online store. Offer VIP customers trade fair refreshments pre-loaded with a ticket! Your checkout system acknowledges the use of tickets and the value of the download as used.


CRD Systems’ total solutions are utilized e.g. in car washes. The customer will receive a free “membership card” which will be registered with their bank ID. The customer can then safely drive to the car as often as they like and billing takes place once a month.


Contact experienced CRD Systems developers who have been involved in ticketing, checkout and access control matters for about 20 years. The systems are developed to meet the customer's needs, completely customer-oriented. That is, things are also done when you start asking for and ordering them.


At the start of the 2000s, CRD Systems Oy created Finland’s first e-mail ticket delivery systems and related access control equipment for various events.

In 2007 our business expanded to ski resorts looking to modernize their access control. Gates had already been installed, but their ticketing solutions remained outdated.

CRD Systems took up the challenge and developed the first total solution in which the cashier of the ski resort was able to activate the right to use the ticket and modern readers were integrated into the old gates, opening the gates to those who bought the ticket. Since then, it has also become possible to top up tickets, for example for use in a downhill restaurant.
CRD Systems solutions began to be widely used among ski resorts.